French PRO A League Match with Segun Toriola

Friday, 1 November 2013,
I witness my first professional Table Tennis match between two professional table tennis clubs, ASPCTT Pontoise-Cergy vs Argentan Bayard and the experience was amazing!!!

I was lucky to witness Africa’s very own, Segun Toriola, who plays for the team Argentan Bayard. He is so good and doesn’t look like 39 years old. No wonder Segun is classified as the best player from Africa. Other members of the team includes, Thiago Monteiro, Ibrahima Diaw, Georgios Fragkoulis, Monday Merotohun and coached by Wei Guo Zhao.

ASPCTT Pontoise-Cergy team consist of: Marcos Freitas, Kristian Karlsson, Tristan Flore, Wang Jian Jun and coached by Peter Franz. They were also the champions in 2011 and still a very strong team.

The match was so great, it was like watching a World Championship. A real eye opener for me!

Pro A match
As you can see, I had a great view. But I don’t really have a good camera to take good photos for you.

I managed to get the full team roster for French Pro A:

ASPCTT Pontoise-Cergy – (Marcos Freitas, Kristian Karlsson, Tristan Flore, Wang Jian Jun, Coach: Peter Franz)

ASTT Chartres – (Gao Ning, Robert Gardos, Par Gerell, Damien Eloi, Coach: Calin Toma)

La Romagne SS – (Abdel-Kader Salifou, Sas Lasan, Brice Ollivier, Chen Tian Yuan, Coach: Fabrice Coutolleau)

Hennebont GV – (Chen Chien An, Cho Eon Rae, Kalinikos Kreanga, Dmitrij Prokopcov, Quentin Robinot. Coach: Boris Abraham)

Vaillante Angers Sports TT – (Jens Lundqvist, Panagiotis Gionis, Michael Martinez, Benjamin Brossier, Coach: David Pilard)

Istres TT – (Christophe Legout, Antoine Hachard, Chen Jian, Stéphane Lebrun, Sun Meng, Coach: Stéphane Lebrun)

Issy les Moulineaux – (Lin Ju, Enzo Angles, Alexander robinot, Alexandre Cassin, Victorien Le Guen. Coach: David Johnston)

Argentan Bayard – (Thiago Monteiro, Ibrahima Diaw, Georgios Fragkoulis, Monday Merotohun, Segun Toriola, Coach: Wei Guo Zhao)

Caen TTC – (Romain Lorentz, Admir Duranspahic, Jakub Kleprlik, Jimmy Devaux, William Martin, Coach: Xavier Renouvin)

PPC Villeneuve – (El Sayed Lashin, Jeremy Petiot, Hampus Soderlund, Stéphane Ouaiche, Julien Girard, Coach: Julien Gira)


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