2 Months in Paris

 Table Tennis Life

Its approaching my 2nd month in Paris. Time really flies and with the amount of table tennis that I am playing, it feels like a year already : )

Within this 2 months period, I have been on duty, for my club team as well as individual event for all but 2 weekends.
This is defiantly something that I was not used to back home.

My average week looks like this: In the mornings I will go for jogs follow by French classes. Table tennis start from the afternoon to the evening.

On specific days I will have physicals as well as training against pimple players. Sometimes I will have off days, depending on the tournament schedules.

Overall, I am averaging about 6 hours of training per day and still need some getting used to it.
In a way I am loving it, but I have to add a big smile when saying that. : )

The High level

Recently I got promoted to the Regional section for the individual section and I actually lost against a 10 year old player which I am quite embarrassed about and didn’t want to let the whole world know.

But later I found out that this little girl is the current French champion in her age group, so by no means an easy task. I mean, we all heard of national team members from many countries losing to some random provincial kid in China. Well the French does have a top junior program and are ranked fairly high in the world. So I am proud to say, I lost against a 10 year old champion.

I was not use to playing against someone so “tiny”, and because of that I did not play to my potential, a bit lay back should I call it. And not many 10 or 12 or even 14 years old (boys or girls) back at home can give me such a hard time.

By the time I figured out was happening and with her extreme accurate placement, the tiny left hander was moving me around and winning point by point, and just saying all this, I am already thinking and planning for the rematch.

Defiantly the level in Regional is very high, and many of them are good enough to be crowned South African women’s champion.

There is still National 2 and National 1 tiers above Regional, so I have concluded, I must work harder!

Missing Home.

I have been away from home (Eastern Cape) and residing at HPC, University of Pretoria for the past 3 years. So I am no stranger from being away from home. Being away from home taught me a lot of independent and the odd visit back home really makes everyone at home so much special.

The host family here really treats me like they own daughter, the club coaches and team mates puts in a lot of time and effort both on the table and off to make me as comfortable as possible and I am really grateful for that. I”m really am blessed but I do miss home. I was told that to become an athlete, one would require to work hard. To become a successful athlete, one needs to make sacrifices.

With all the love and care from Paris, as well as the tons of encouragements from South Africa, especially from my family and friends as well as Facebook fans, I know that I can do it.

All I can say is, this isn’t an easy job, but I am blessed having all of you.
So South Africa, I miss you all, but for now I will do my outmost best to become the best I can – both Table Tennis and speaking in French : )

Thank you for your reading and see you guys next time.

31 October 2013


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