First Singles Tournament (Departmental). By Tony’s Table Tennis.

South Africa’s very own Xiom sponsored Sisipho Mvunyiswa played her first singles tournament in France today. She took part in the Departmental level tournament.

Sisipho stormed through into the knock out stages with a 3 out of 3 win in the groups. The Maisons-Laffitte player continued the momentum and took both the QF and SF 3-0.
The final was a lot more intense, but Sisipho managed to hold it to the end for a 3-1 victory.

Sisipho succesfully promotes to Regional level for her next tournament. Above that there is the National 2 and National 1, National 1 is where you get the World Rank Top 100 womens players playing.

Sisipho, you have been in France for over a month now, have you seen improvements in your game?
“Yes, I’m really confident and more focused on my movement. My service return has also improved a lot, as that is what I have been working on lately. I have also change my style and to pivot more to fully ultilise my forehand. I need to make my forehand stronger.”

So now you made it into Regional level, what is your next goal?
“My big goal is to make it into National 2, but I would first need to adapt to Regional. The players in Regional are much stronger than Deparmental, so I must train harder to improve my game in the shortest possible time. Also the higher the level, the more matches you would play, so this makes its more difficult too. For example, I saw Islem Laid of Algeria today, she had to play 2 days of National 2 tournament which ended today and she succesfully promotes to National 1.”

Thank you Sisipho, we just want to let you know, the entire country is behind you. Keep up the hard work.
“Thank you Tony, Thank you South Africa”


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