Interview on Sports Talk, Talk Radio 702


I had the honour of going on live radio for the first time on 28 Aug 2013.
Talk Radio 702 contacted my agent , Tony’s Table Tennis and shortly after that I received Tony’s phone call, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement when he asked me if I was free in the evening (of 28th Aug) and if I wanted to participate in an interview. Of course I said yes!!!

Sports Talk, Talk Radio 702 is presented by Udo Carelse, Lionel Moleko, Marc Lewis and Dineo Mashego. They are one of (if not number one) the biggest sports talk radio station in South Africa.

The subject for the evening was “Cinderella Sports”, and indeed Table Tennis falls into that category as it is considered unknown to the masses, but the true beauty is there for the ones that knows it. I was happy to have the chance to get this interview and to talk a bit about my career in table tennis, and I hope this can help contribute in helping the sport to get more awareness in South Africa.

With out all my sponsors, and especially Maisons-Laffitte Tennis de Table (my new club), I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity to go on air. Thank you for every one that contributed over the years, you are the real Cinderella behind this lovely Cinderalla Sport.

To listen to the interview, please click here
To visit Talk Radio 702, please click here
To visit Maisons-Laffitte Tennis de Table, please click here


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